UMK-S Tank




  • Fully Rustproof and corrosion resistant
  • High strength Light weight
  • Easy transporting and installation
  • Nice appearance

Structure and Materials

  • Liner material: Rotation molding or Blowing One-piece seamless PE inner liner
  • Outer Winding: Height Performance resin with Fiber glass three-dimensional winding
  • Opening: 2.5″ and 4″ reinforced plastic thread,6″ alloy flange
  • Bass Materials: FR-P or reinforced PP

Application Conditions

  • Working Pressure:150psi (10.5bar)
  • Working Temperature:1-49°( (34-121 °F)
  • Max.Vacuum:127mm Hg
  • Lowest Environment Temperature: -27°( (-17°F)

Design Parameter

  • Burst Pressure: 42bar (4 times)
  • Fatigue Cycle: 100, 000


In UMK fiber reinforced polymer tanks, there are five colours for your choose :

Nature, Blue, Black, Grey & Yellow.