RO-2008 Ro program controller



Main technical parameter:

Features and applications:
The typical working mode of many central reverse osmosis system has no water.
Protection, low pressure protection, high pressure protection and alarm function, is a supporting products the small and medium reverse osmosis system. Automatic control to realize.
Main technical indicators
Siinal detection (five channels): no water protection, low pressure protection, high pressure protection. Liquid level protection, external control.
Control port (five channels): raw water pump, high pressure pump, flush valve, impulse.
Wash the valve.
Power supply: AC 220V +15% 50Hz.
Environmental conditions: temperature 0 – 50 °C. Relative humidity: < 85% RH
Dimensions: 48×96X 100mm (high x width x depth).
Opening size: 45×91mm (height x width).